Herman Mensing

Good Shepherd member since: 1998

Herman currently chairs our Internship Committee, our Stewardship Committee, and our Men's Group. He also serves as a lector and an usher.

Personal Highlights: Herman was born in Manhattan and raised in the north Bronx (Woodlawn). He, along with his wife, Ione, has lived in Hillsdale, NJ since they moved from Cincinnati in 1968. Ione is the daughter of the pastor of his home church, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Yonkers, NY. They have three grown children and four grandchildren.

Career Highlights: Herman earned his undergraduate degree from Hunter College, NYC. He worked for AT&T for just over 40 years, retiring, for the first time, in 1996. Two years later he returned to AT&T, working for 10 years as a contractor doing editing/proofreading work, and then retiring again in 2008.

Interests: Herman enjoys watching pretty much all sports, both live and on TV. He plays basketball weekly, collects river glass with Ione, and periodically gathers cottonwood bark that has floated ashore along the Hudson. He makes note cards, using photos (mostly nature shots) he has taken over the years. Herman's most recent hobby began in late 2009, at which time he began fashioning coasters from tree limbs. He also volunteers with a half dozen or so organizations doing editing/proofreading, a "hobby" he enjoys immensely. Most recently, he has begun doing that work for Lutheran Social Services of New York, one of the organizations Good Shepherd supports with its benevolence giving.