Trish Habas

Patricia (but please call her Trish) is currently serving in the position as At large on the Good Shepherd Church Council.
She was a member of the Intern Committee during 2012-2013. Currently, Trish serves as a lector and more recently is training to be a communion assistant.

Good Shepherd member since: 2009

Personal Highlights: Trish is married to her husband, Don and they have three children: Caitlin (18), Sean (8) and recently adopted daughter, Katya (10)

Career Highlights: Trish is a Partner of Rogers, McCarron & Habas, PC, a local law practice. She is the chief litigator for the firm practicing in various areas but focusing on commercial and construction litigation.

Interests: Trish enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends (amusement parks, museums and lots of local activities).