Werner Boecker

Werner is currently serving as the Financial Secretary and sits on the Executive Council.
Werner also heads the Counting team, the Data Entry team and spearheaded our on-line giving initiative. In addition he handles the AV system and general computer support.

Good Shepherd member since: 1975

Personal Highlights: In 1956 moved from Germany to the USA, US Citizen since 1968. Married with four children: Marck, Rebecca, Monika and Christopher. Chris is 21 yrs. He loves music and is attending college. Werner met Maria in Jackson Heights and has been married since 1963.

Career Highlights: Panasonic Co. Engineer retired but consulting. Japan travel and has stayed many times. Also USA travel. Was involved in Plasma, DLP and LCD development/technology.

Interests: Work with computers and Audio/Video technology. Motorcycle rider, fishing, sailing, and generally likes to fix things around the house and for family.