Food, Faith, and Friends

Good Shepherd’s Food, Faith & Friends provides an opportunity for all young, middle-aged, and senior adults to gather together once a month to meet new people, share a little about our life and faith journeys (including our questions), and share some food together.  The group meets September through June. Everyone is welcome!


Food, Faith & Friends seeks to provide an opportunity for members and friends of the church to feel connected to the larger church in activities beyond just the Sunday morning or Wednesday evening worship services.  During our meetings, we catch up on our lives, share our prayers of joy & concern, enjoy some refreshments and snacks, and discuss topics of interest that do not necessarily lend themselves to a traditional sermon or bible study format.  


Over the years, we’ve discussed a wide-range of topics, including: 

  • Comparison between views of various world religions
  • Differences between the thousands of Christian denominations
  • Appearances of Jesus after the Resurrection
  • Prayer (what is it and what forms can it take?)
  • The meaning of life from the perspective of the Bible, well-known theologians and philosophers, and modern entertainment and media
  • Lent and Easter (what are they and how do we prepare for them?)
  • “New Year’s Resolutions”
  • What is Mardi Gras (a/k/a “Fat Tuesday” or “Shrove Tuesday)
  • Impact of the Reformation and its leaders on the development of the Protestant Church
  • Church’s role in social justice issues
  • And many other topics… 

During Lent, many also participate in Food, Faith & Friends’ daily emailed Lenten scriptures and devotionals. The group also has two celebratory gatherings during the year (Christmas and June) where we can gather to celebrate and meet God through friendship and fellowship.
Please check the church calendar and the weekly Sunday bulletin Cross Connections for the Food, Faith & Friends meeting dates. Everyone is cordially invited to join us. Bring yourself, an open heart, an open mind, and an appetite! You are always welcome to invite a friend!


For more information about Food, Faith & Friends, feel free to contact the church office or Rich Bowman.